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Systems Analysis and Design

Understand the business of the Information Technology Unit

The Information Technology Unit (ITU) is a mean through which information technology system, resources, library, and tools and training is provided. Its main function is to maintain and provide technical support. The business of Information Technology Unit aims to provide support to the use of Information Technology system and so that they can perform according to need of customers, personnel and organization.

Select the most appropriated methodology to be used in determining the business requirements

There are many traditional as well as modern methodology used in determining the business requirements. The most appropriate methodology in determining the business requirements selected for this project is Traditional methodology which mainly involves interviewing to gather facts and opinion of the users and observe the body language of the users. 

Select the most appropriate information gathering techniques

Most appropriate information gathering techniques are interviewing management, users or operational staff, and other stakeholders. It can be done through one-to-one interview, questionnaire and group sessions.


Specify the business area the be considered, that is, the scope

Specific business areas are operation, maintenance of existing computer systems, enhancement and support of the Department's I.T. hardware, software and consumables required, user support, access to I.T.

Identify the roles of people involved in the project such as the client, sponsor and other stake holders

Stakeholders like sponsors can show involvement by taking the report from the project manager and users and staff member must understand the operational and functional performance of system. 

Identify any physical requirements of the new or modified system, such as location of users and cost constraint

The implementation of new system will need more space for the hardware and users and the cost offered for the implementation of the system is limited and will be required more.

Decide on the best way to obtain the information requirements (for example focus groups)

The best way to obtain information from the focus groups is the group session in which groups will be allowed to share their opinion about the system.

Develop a data dictionary to record descriptions of data collected

A data dictionary is a file that defines the basic organization of a database. A data dictionary has a list of files in the database; each file has the number of records, and the types and name of each field. Professional assignment writers UK are here for your all needs

Collect, evaluate and collated the information about the business requirements

Business requirements collected, evaluated and collated are business functional requirements, organizational user requirements, non-functional requirements, and implementation requirements. 

Identify and obtain any information not acquired

Information not obtained is project sponsor’s requirement.

Identify and document the views and requirements of key users

The requirements of key users are the efficient and fast performance of the system. They have indicated that the modification of old system into new system is supposed to be better than the old one.  

Analyze and develop the functional requirements of the clients

The functional requirement of the client is the designing of the project in proposed budget and a better design than the previous one.

Discuss and obtain agreement with the client users on the business requirements

Client users have shown their agreement on the business requirements mentioned above without any conflict. The business requirements were gathered from the interviews and questionnaire of management and client users.


Case study Part B:

Check and verify the business requirements against the project brief

Project intends to design a new information technology unit system for ABC College. For the design and implementation of new information and technology unit system, there are requirements of hardware, physical location. All these requirements are formed considering the needs and requirements of business area.

Confirm the requirements with client users

Client users are a very important stakeholder of project and to get at the best outcomes it is necessary to have client user confirmation. Client has confirmed the requirement of business.

Check the requirements cover all the necessary functions

Business requirements mentioned above cover all the necessary functions of business. The new design will need more space for user and hardware implementation and increase in the budget is reasonable since it is a large project.

Check the requirements fall within the project brief and any constraints

The requirement of space for hardware implementation fall within the project brief and requirement of more budgets for the project is constraint.

Investigate any undeveloped assumptions or ideas that may affect the requirements

Another requirement that can affect the project is developing new software for this project. New and advanced software will improve the efficiency of the unit.

Confirm relationship of business units to geographical locations

The geographical location has an effect on the business units. Business units such as accounting, production, and marketing are the main business areas and their geographical location affect their efficiency and performance. Get high quality case study writing service UK

Identify functions that require special attention

Database management is the function that needs the special attention in this project.

Identify and record transition issues as a result of the new requirements

Transition is issue that is affected when new ideas are to e utilized. New requirement of Software can raise the issue of more budgets.

Case Study Part C:

Confirm the unit’s business requirements have been determined and are available

Business unit requirements are functional requirements, organizational user requirements, non-functional requirements, and implementation requirements. All these requirements are determined and available for the project.

Identify possible solutions to satisfy the requirements

The possible solution for satisfying the requirements is increase in the proposed budget and involvement of other stakeholders.

Analyze and compare future processing requirements with current functionality

In future the functionality of processing will depend on the data processing operation users. Current functionality of ht processing is on old system. To enhance the functionality of new system in future, it is vital to enhance the operational functionality.

Examine each of the possible work scenarios (for example, full and immediate implementation of the solution, phased implementation, partial implementation)

The most appropriate scenario for work will be partial implementation because the implementation is not tested and its surety of success is not sent per cent.

Select the most appropriate scenario after considering the budget

After considering the budget the most appropriate scenario for work will be phased implementation.

Prepare a description of the preferred implementation scenario

Phased or partial implementation of the design is appropriate as there are other issues hurdling in the way to make the project successful. These barriers include stakeholders’ involvement, budget constraint, and expansion of old system along with replacement of old with new. These entire scenarios make the preferred implementation justifiable.   

Document the scope and function of the proposed system in the feasibility report

Feasibility report

The proposed system aims to achieve efficient and improved system than the previous one. Personnel serve for Information Technology unit will be operating this system. The most advantageous benefit of this system is that it is advanced and with modern equipment. It will decrease the deficiency and provide the opportunity for enhancing the efficiency. To operate this system User will need to get trained and new software system will be required to install. 

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