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Leadership and Strategic Change


Stone Finch is operating in market since three decade; it has enjoyed growth and brought many new products to market. It has good relationship with customers and has excellent sales team, logistics and distribution system. Company currently operate in internationally however it has some issue such as motivation, loss of organization, turnover of A-level skill employees and resources allocation which has raise high concern to Jim Billing, president and CEO. 


The case indicate few issues such as dissatisfaction of employees, lack of coordination with two division and turnover of A-level skill employees however this is just the causes of the problem, this not the major problem. To understand this in detail I would like to use modified‘Tushman-O’Reilly Model’, with the help of this model we can identify the problems underline organization regarding leadership, organization architecture and strategic logic. Professional assignment writing services 


The main reason for using SWOT analysis is that this tool allows me to understand the current situation, which can help me to analysis the internal and external factors which could be affecting the current situation with relation to main problems underling in organisation. My consideration will be on mainly on weakness and threat as this are related to cause.


First I would like to indicate few symptoms of problems which are reflecting by comments of employee in first jam in 2008. 

  • High turnover of A-level skill employees
  • Dissatisfaction of employees with low moral
  • Lack of coordination between marketing and subsidiaries
  • Failure to compete with market in terms of water products
  • Conflict between water and solution division.
  • Use of water division as cash cow to support solution division

Considering this symptoms I would like to find out the main problem which has cause the trouble in organisation. 

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