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Gender, Culture and Media


The saying that women are more fashionable than men has been changed recently as masculinity has been used in developing society structure as the observation from past and future trend have been analyzed (Edwards, 1997). This study will comparatively analyze the two lifestyle fashion magazines of man and at the same time the effect of culture, media and other dynamics that influence the men’s fashion will be critically assessed.Professional writing services uk.

Selection of Magazines:

In order to carry out the study, Primer and GQ magazines have been selected and the target audience in this respect is Male gender. The reason to choose these magazines is that they both are the most popular and internationally recognised magazines. Given that today’s lifestyle and fashion is affected by the globalization where culture of one country appears affecting the culture of others, therefore, an international magazine can serve in the best way possible to understand the changing nature of lifestyle fashion magazines of man. Another reason of selecting these two men’s lifestyle magazine is that the target audience of these two magazines are different from each other in a way that one magazine is focusing on the men‘s lifestyle in which target audience’s age is around Twenties while the other magazine is more generic as it is focusing on the target audience, which is consisted of different men’s ages and classes as well.Get essay writing help.

In order to analyse the magazines, different factors are taken into account, such as target audience and their demographic information. While analysing the Primer magazine, it is found it mainly focuses on the people in their twenties specifically, on the other hand GQ magazine is concentrating on the fashion and lifestyle of men of different ages in a sense that what is happening in the fashion arena and the way models are actually highlighting fashion trend in terms of clothing and designing of these clothes.

The common aspects, which are relevant in these magazines can be mentioned in a way that Primer magazine is targeting youth audience who have completed their college life. According to Kruistum, et al. (2014), the theory or assumption which is followed on the basis of creating a relationship between youth and communication medium like social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) in order to remain in touch with the target audience primer magazine has already stressed on the importance of lifestyle media and by the help of this initiative they have been targeting their audience in an effective manner. While GQ magazine is also following social medium trends in a way that the magazine is approaching through Facebook and twitter too and have developed target audience who belongs to different ages and have different lifestyle patterns and preferences. Get help from custom dissertation writer.  

The other common aspect of these two magazines is the effective use of advertising in order to make a connection to their target market in a way that involving their customers while reading their magazines they have applied advertising concept through which both magazines have identified and fulfilled demands of their target audience (Kim, et al., 2015).  


Application of Media Concepts in both magazines:

The media concepts which have been utilized by the magazines have a significant influence upon the target market in a sense that these approaches or theories have really made a difference in applying media concepts as there are approaches like gaze, genre, visuals, codes and intertextuality out of which two approaches have been chosen one is genre and other is visual. There was a television series named as“Fighting the Force” in which a character was shown as the forces of culture, gender and other aspects covering social and cultural influences which were depicted in that character suggested that media concepts do relate with society and both magazines have considered this aspect to a considerable extent (Wilcox& Lavery, 2002).For assistance buy coursework 

In order to effectively assess what genre concept is all about which is being applied in both magazines it has been observed that genre is typically known as a class or type and at the same time there is another word which is associated with genre and that word is SF as sometimes it is known as Speculative Fiction sometimes science fiction or it can be used simultaneously at a time (Rieder, 2012). The genre concept which is used in the Primer magazine is that the concept of genre is about the type of clothing stuff which is provided in the magazine as it is covering the casual stuff for men as well as the formal stuff of dressing is also focused along with the outfits or clothing for children. In this way they have approach their target market and by the help of genre concept they have actually target different class of men including Teens, Middle age and youth as well while the other magazine which is GQ Magazine has used the concept of genre in a way that the target audience is being approached by the help of focusing on the causal outfits which are appreciated and adored by new generation in this way a genre concept is being applied by both magazines but in a different manner.

The second media concept which is being applied by both magazines is Visual concept as the magazines have utilized visual concept in advertising or marketing their magazines to their target market in a far different manner (An, 2003). As a matter of fact it can be said undoubtedly that one visual is quite equal to one thousand words and at the same time advertising is more often used in delivering messages where words are not written or inappropriately considered therefore keeping this aspect in consideration the magazines have advertised their magazines by the help of visuals and the target audience in this concern is appropriately focused.For assistance  thesis writing help 

The target audience has been greatly approached by the help of genre and visual media concept as Primer magazine has applied these two concepts in an impressive way that has already influenced the readers of their magazines in a way that their preferences and priorities have been properly addressed. The GQ magazine has approached the target market by the help of genre and visual aspect as well and it has been observed that they are focusing on causal stuff as their visuals mostly contain media celebrities of recent times and genre has been discussed in this magazine in different manner as style genre has been classified in different categories like styling in hair, shoes styling and styles blogs as well.

Themes Selected:

The themes which have been selected in this study are relationships, Kinship and sexuality and the other selected theme is Inequalities/equalities, social change and Feminism and in this concern it has been observed that the selected themes have a huge role in developing and shaping the target audience of both magazines in a detailed manner. Experienced assignment expert are available online.

Comparison of Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality:

In both magazines it can be said that these all elements are influencing the readers in a significant manner as a whole. Men endorses or emphasizes on the aspect of radicalism (Dhruvarajan& Vickers, 2002) in a way that it highlights a point that in male magazines the influence of gender, race and class politics have been given so much importance and as a result it has also brought influences on cultural and other institutions of a society as well (Dines& Humez, 2011). There is another thought which suggests that gender also play a different role in describing family principles and societies principles as a whole (Elliot, 1996). The approaches used by magazines to satisfy their target market in terms of gender, class politics and sexuality have been effective in developing readers attention and attraction towards their magazines. 

The magazines have utilized models who comes from different race at times to persuade their readers in developing a perception that the magazines are representing people who comes from different class and status. The magazines have also focused on men and manhood specifically to signify the importance of masculinity and male dominance in a society to a certain level. As in the era of globalization the masculinity has been focused in western countries as a result magazines in particular highlighted manhood in their articles and other content which were published in magazines (Jackson& Balaji, 2011).

There is a close relationship among the applied concepts like genre and visual along with the two themes of social change, feminism, equalities and inequalities and other which is about sexuality, relationships and kinships in a way that in both magazines these aspects have been creating influences on the readers perception and ideas about the latest lifestyle trends which have been followed recently by young generation and elderly class as well. The class politics which have been applied in magazines relate to the lifestyle which possess some historical background in a way that was emerged as a concept with the advancement of media and specifically in today’s scenario the magazines have used class politic to an extent that allows them to use marketing and advertising to highlight class politics in different parts of the world. This phenomenon has really progressed and impacted upon other walks of life too (Bell& Hollows, 2007).Get help from case study writing services 

The gender, race class and sexuality can be perceived as a defining or differential perspective when it comes to dealing with men‘s magazines. The gender, class, race and sexuality have been considered as an authoritative aspects in men’s magazines and have played role in developing target audience in terms of gender as male their class means social stratification either middle, upper and high class as well (Dworkin& Wachs, 2009).

The gender, race class and sexuality could be understood in different viewpoint as gender can be seen as performance and at the same time gender can be socially constructed if men magazines have to be compared in these aspects. There is a demonstration regarding the hypothetical traditions and past practices about intersctionalities (race, class and gender) that are often in correspondence, along with discussing and stimulating these aspect with one another or as a whole (Garner& Hancock, 2014).  


Comparison of Problem Pages in GQ Magazine with the Selected Themes:

There is a study which was conducted on Masculinity and cultural difference in different men’s magazines and the study shows the thoughts and perception of masculinity and its effect on a men living in a social and the impact which influenced the society a great deal (Godeo, 2006). GQ magazine has been dealing an area of concern which is about problem pages in which masculinity aspect of men in the last twenty years in (1980s) were much highlighted in GQ and other man magazines while masculinity factor has disappeared in recent times (Bathen, 2003).

The manhood and masculinity have been tested and questioned by many analysts of men‘s magazines and have said that masculinity is in danger (John, 2002) and (M, 2002) as it has been observed that the influence of socio culture aspect has greatly affected man by many ways as a result of this phenomenon the symbol of manhood has been decreased or destructed. Gaze or firm appearance in men has been studied by many researchers as the latest macho descriptions have been originated in recent period of time. This macho image has been correlated with prevalent style of fashion and at the same time, this relationship has been applied in media and gender education as well (Nixon, 1996).Avail term paper writing help

Comparison of Advertising in Primer Magazines:

As far as the advertising of primer magazines are concerned, the issues which are related with the advertising revealed that advertising has been widely used in primer magazine as a source of inspiration for their target market in a sense that they have a right approach in addressing their target audience preference and priorities in a desired manner as women also focuses on primer magazine as a reader and they perceive male character as a media personality and politician (Gamman& Marshment, 1989). The titles or themes which have been used by primer magazines are very effective in a way that has attracted their customers to a considerable extent and in this concern the interest of reading the primer magazine has increased and is still growing which is a very heartening aspect for primer magazines (Sumner& Rhoades, 2006). In this way the magazine has created a relationship with their customers as they are loyal with the magazine and at the same time they are interested to read a magazine so that they get knowledge or information about the latest trends in fashion and also about the happenings which are taking place in the lifestyle or fashion industry. Many researchers have analyzed the modern style of promotion and publicity and they have emphasized on the fact that there is a need for comparing the masculinity with advertising and these aspects must be considered by primer magazine, as it is playing a significant role in media as sexual characteristics, the gender and other factors should be focused in order to improve the advertising of primer magazine so that target market must be satisfied and that will help in fulfilling the target market expectation in a desired manner (Edwards, 1997). 

Advertising is really influencing the customers of primer magazine in a way that customers take notice and start acting on the ads which have been posted in primer magazine so in this way advertising is encouraging or enticing its reader to take actions on certain things as these ads are provoking desires of their readers (Lane, et al., 2010). 

Application of Themes in Magazines:

As far as the application of these themes in magazines is concerned, it is important to discuss the aspects which have been discussed in themes in relation with the magazines content and in other features. There is an approach regarding the relationships which has been discussed in these magazines as a matter of fact, the approach was first given by Charles Darwin in which the relationships were discussed in a manner which highlighted all the aspects which are covered in relationships and at the same time different form of relationships were also described in a way that brought a significant influence on the both genders and as a result of this phenomenon, the magazines have utilized these theme to a great effect (Griskevicius, et al., 20014).

In order to understand the kinship theme which have been used in these two magazines it has been found that the advertising in primer magazine does relate kinship in a sense that the stuff which are offered to attract their target audience cover different age group of men and at the same time different age group have a kinship or relationship among them as this fact is influencing the target audience in a great way. It has been observed in primer magazine that they have a kinship in offering the drink, Juice and other liquid commodities as these products have a kinship among these commodities and this fact has been noticed in their different ads. While the GQ magazine is also focusing on the kinship theme in a way that their target audience is huge having covered people who belong to different walks of life and age group as well. A kinship has been found in the target audience as they have same or common preferences or priorities which can be considered as a kinship (Faubion, 2001). For assistance  buy research papers online.

As far as the sexuality is concerned in both magazines, it was observed that gender issues of young men and women are often misunderstood or not given appropriate importance and as a result controversies arise and it becomes an issue for their parents and at the same time the whole society is influenced heavily due to this phenomenon (Kehily, 2005). The influence some times on the life of these people are not considered as an important fact that also cause problem for them in later ages. In this concern, by analyzing these two magazines we see that sexuality aspect in these magazines have been given importance so that the readers should read their magazines and at the same time their desires and tendency of involving in sexual relationships develop as a result.

In order to apply the second theme on both magazines in a detailed manner, it can be said that inequalities and equalities aspect have been found in both magazines as a matter of fact it is important to focus on inequality and equality theme of these magazines in a detailed manner so that effective analysis can be made in terms of target audience attractions and at the same time disliking need to be considered as well. It has been observed that equality or inequality is a huge aspect as the influence in this concern can be seen in other walks of life which are other than magazines or media as male dominant society have a power to make decisions and women follow their decisions therefore in magazines it was observed that the consumption of women and men do rely on the richness of a person (Johnsson& Latham, 2007).

This aspect do influence magazines approach in using the inequality or equality in a sense that theme has been used to target those customers more who are richer and they have high rate of buying behavior and consume more than a middle class customer who just read the magazines. In this aspect the rich customer is attracted to buy the stuff which is expensive for a customer who comes from middle class as a result equality or inequality arises.

The aspect of social change and feminism can be described as a social change in which feminism and its impact has been told that a new way of feminism and post feminism has been associated with the political and institutional life as a matter of fact these new concepts have been applied in media specifically in magazines therefore in this concern these magazines have taken these aspects into their consideration (McRobbie, 2009). As the time has progressed, there is a difference in the approach in a way that social change and feminism have really influenced a society a great deal (Epstein, 1998) therefore the magazines have focused on these themes in order to persuade their target audience by applying feministic approach in their advertising and in other features of the magazines. The magazines have highlighted a change which has evolved in the society gradually.


Men’s Magazines highlighting towards Strong arguments:
This fact must be taken into consideration that both magazines have become much more popular in the recent past and one thing which was noticed and considered as a basis and reason behind the success of these magazines is that the magazines have utilized the concept of women, its use as a sexuality object in their advertising that has resulted in increased sales and further increase in their target audience. The magazines have focused on sex and sexuality in particular and have defined what is sex all about in cultural and from readers point of view and at the same time they have approached the target audience in a different manner and have introduced a new term of Metro Sexual in which consumers from the age level of 22 to 35 years are targeted and the consumers are known and spoken as sexy consumers (Krasses, et al., 2003). The new trend of calling consumers as a sexy man is popularizing and these sexy consumers are experienced in terms of fashion and dressing and other aspects like values and ethics along with culture as well (Fine, 2005) .

Men’s magazines have sexuality in their content in a sense that if the proportion of advertising is required to be compared then the sexuality aspects in men’s magazines have been increased from the past and current scenario (Reichert& Carpenter, 2004) . There is another argument which has been emerged recently and the argument is that women has been shown and highlighted as a sexual object in men’s magazines and have been used extensively in order to attract and retain the newly emerged metro sexual men’s target audience. 


There is a concept associated with male magazines which reveals that masculinity and male dominance have been given focus to a considerable extent as it also pinpoints the fact that gender, race and other factors are also important to consider while evaluating the impact of these magazines are creating on readers mind and on the society as a whole. These magazine provide enough evidence to support the notion that readers’ perceptions are also developed by the help of images and text which are often used in these magazines and as a result the buying behavior and preferences of their target audience are shaped that really bring change in other dynamics of a society in the long run.


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