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Operation base Business Plan for South East Seafood the London Food Hub


The South East Food Group Partnership Ltd (SEFGP) is the regional sector body to support regional food in the South East of England. The formation of London Food Hub is the recent development by SEFGP. The idea of London Food Hub came into being for creating Southeast seafood’s hub. With the growing interest of investors and producers, it is important to know that the development of southeast seafood hub has great opportunity in terms of making gains in the public market share.

This paper presents a sustainable business plan for setting up a London Food Hub of southeast seafood. The business plan includes the investigation of expectation of buyers with suppliers, and the criteria chosen to select a supplier in seafood industry. A complete marketing strategy for attracting to chefs and buyers (customers) is also incorporated to present a comprehensive and sustainable business plan for setting up London Food Hub. Since chefs and buyers are a significant part for planning food business, therefore, there is complete report about the ways to attract the chefs and buyers in the food service industry including the ways to approach them so that they would like to become part of this food hub and contribute to service industry. 
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Expectation of Buyers with Suppliers in Seafood Industry

The seafood buyers in UK expect the suppliers to provide well processed seafood which is processed in clean and hygienic environment. With such requirement the main expectation of the buyers is to receive standard seafood product. Therefore the criteria chosen by seafood buyers for suppliers very much depend on their reputation of services and quality of product offered. Southeast seafood has an advantage to attract the buyers to do business with them because Southeast food group offers its potential buyers quality seafood product which are processed through well hygienic and equipped environment. Southeast food group has trade and retail buyer, besides it also provides its services to Public Food Sector such as school and hospitals. Professional assignment help online

Marketing Strategy for attracting Buyers and Chef

Buyers and Chefs specifically in food industry are attracted towards innovation and wide range of variety. Since London has always been a place of attrition for seafood marketers and the seafood industry in London is well grown, there is need to spread the business through different means which helps to access chefs and buyers in food service sector.  

The marketing strategy for attracting buyers and chefs in the seafood service industry is important because through this process the development of London Food Hub can be successful while using all the resources to increase the sales of the seafood. To maintain the competitive advantage for Southeast seafood, a marketing strategy theory can be adopted that describes the marketing plan for Southeast seafood. A key element of marketing strategy is often to have marketing in line with the mission statement of the company. Chefs and buyer can be attracted using the key marketing strategy mentioned below:

  • Using advanced technology solution to spread the word of the comp
  • Displaying advertisement at restaurants and other expected food spot 
  • Giving brand awareness and offering innovation in work process and quality in food product

Attracting Chef and Buyers to up running Business Hub

To have good reputation in market for giving quality food product as well as providing a professional but friendly working environment with number of benefits is the goal of the Southeast food group. This mission and objective can be fulfilled if Company succeeds to capture the attention of chefs in the market and potential buyers. In order to attract the chefs and potential buyertowards the London Food Hub, it is essentially considerable that promising environment and quality food product is not offered but provided in lower price for buyer and benefits for chefs. The provision of facilities to chefs and quality product for buyers must be presented by means of marketing such as electronic media, paper media and public point. The display of products and services at public points like restaurants and other food spots can be best way to promote the company.

How to Access the Chefs and Buyers

With the new development in technology and general lifestyle, there are different choices and ways regarding approaching the chefs and buyers. Apparently there are two main mediums that can be used to approach the chefs and buyers such as electronic and paper media. With the great popularity of electronic media and use of internet including email, websites and online marketing tactics paper media has diminished its effects. At the same time the importance of paper media cannot be ignored as they play important role for them who cannot access internet. Social marketing has become more popular and assumed as more effective since social networking sites have largely created and have millions of users. or assistance.

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