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Assignment: Leadership and Strategic Change - Recommendations

Recommendations - Assignment on strategic leadership and strategic change

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International Finance and Banking

1. Why do firms become multinational? What are the main phases a domestic firm form UAE/GCC passes through as it evolves into a truly global firm? (4+6=10 points)2. What are the two primary risks associated with the globalization process? Briefly explain those (2+8=10 points)3. It has been claimed that failures in corporate governance have hampered the growth and profitability of some prominent firms located in emerging markets. What are some typical causes of these failures in corporate governance? (10 points)

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Gender, Culture and Media

ESSAY QUESTION:Compare two lifestyle magazines in the same genre, but addressing two different target audiences. – you can compare either 2 men’s magazines OR two women’s magazines - that have been published in the current academic year. Utilising at least two key applied media concepts, COMPARE their constructions of gender, race, sexuality and class politics as they are deployed through in the visual text in relation to two of the following themes:• the body• inequalities/equalities, social change and feminism• work and leisure• relationships, kinship and sexualityQuestion asks you to compare the gender (race/class etc) politics of two magazines in relation to two of the listed theme categories. This will involve the following:- You may select any magazines that you feel fits the criteria of a 'women's' or 'men's' lifestyle magazine. NOTE – this can include ‘girl’s or ‘boys’ magazines. Explaining the basis for this classification of your selected magazines should be included in your essay.- You may only use magazines that have been published during the current academic year.- It is crucial that you choose your comparator magazines carefully – it should make sense that they should be looked at together. That means they must have enough commonality, that they occupy the same ‘niche’, but address either two different groups of women or two different groups of men from within that niche. Your basis for your choice of comparators should, as noted above, be explicitly part of your essay.- You will need to read at least two issues of each magazine thoroughly to assess their ‘generic’ character;- Choose the two themes from the list provided against which you will be analysing the magazine;- You will need to select relevant academic readings. These should include both relevant key readings from your study handbook as well as a reasonable number of further readings (further readings listed in your handbooks are only as sample – you should aim to use the library to find the range of potential further sources to choose from).- You will need to decide which applied media analytic approaches you will deploy (e.g. the ‘gaze’, ‘intertextuality’ ‘genre’, visual ‘codes’ (Nixon) and so on)- Your essay structure should include a brief overview and introduction to the magazines you’ve chosen and your rationale for choosing them and indicate the two themes you will be exploring- Part of your essay should focus on one comparable aspect/section of each magazine (e.g. features; problem pages, advertising etc) as a specific comparative case study of the overall ethos of each magazine with respect to your selected themes.- Your essay must involve an analysis of your chosen magazines with respect to relevant module and further readings (you should not limit yourself to readings directly on the topic)- You should consider the ways in which the two themes you are focusing on are deployed in the magazines (this might be an indirect or implied construction as well as/or a direct construction or by omission and should employ at least two media analytic approaches – though you may use more if you chose).- You should evaluate the class, race (and/or other sets of social relations you consider relevant) elements, contradictions and implications as they are expressed in the magazine's treatment of gender relations and their relationship to your chosen themes.The essay must meet the following requirement:- Readings(I have attached a document which including the key and further reading for each week and the theme of each week of the course)essay must use of relevant key readings from this module as well as a selection of further readings (further readings are not limited only to those listed in the study handbook, you are welcome to find additional sources in the library)- Discussion of complex gender relationsessay must not only address the question of gender relations but also be cognizant of the ways in which gender relations shape and are shaped by other social inequalities. This module, for example, in its investigation of particular gender related issues, has emphasized the relationship between gender and relations of race/racism, class and sexuality), basically the essay has to link gender to something not just writing about gender itself.- Critical analysisessays should be analytical rather than simply descriptive- Essays should be well organised and clearly written (A first-class essay will also show evidence of original thinking)- Provides a convincing rationale for choices of primary and secondary sources. Need to clarify why choose these two magazines fro comparison and why you choose the those readings- Need to engage with the theme of the module-> gender, media and society, all case studies(in the study handbook I attached) we looked at were examples that allowed us to explore those links, and the essay focus enable that linked focus- Need to use scholarship, not short journals for reference- Don't put sequences of quotation, need to engage with it not just throwing random ones in

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Small Business Management

Write no less than 1000 words scholarly paper (excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices) on this topic. Please e-mail your professor an outline of this paper, prior to starting it. In addition to your primary text, you are required to use a minimum of five additional references from professional journals and books to produce your scholarly paper.

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Leadership and Strategic Change - Organisation architecture

Organisation architecture- Assignment on strategic leadership and strategic change

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Leadership and Strategic Change - Lack of Leadership

Lack of Leadership - Assignment on strategic leadership and strategic change

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Leadership and Strategic Change

Assignment on strategic leadership and strategic change

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Operation base Business Plan for South East Seafood the London Food Hub

Investigate what buyers want from a supplier, why they choose this particular supplier, what they do well and what they could do better. what marketing strategy would be best suited to attract chefs and buyers re Food Hub

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Systems Analysis and Design

You are a systems analyst working for the ABC Company. You have been asked to design a new information system for the Information Technology Unit at the ABC Company. Your current task is to determine the requirements from a business view as a prerequisite to designing the new system.

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